Candex is an One-Stop Shop Export Marketing and Investment Consulting Firm, working as your on the ground office in Brazil. Through our partners in North America, we fulfill the same rol for Brazilian entrepreneurs interested in that region. Our services are the simplified 'single-door' operational process, which saves exporters' valuable time and expenses, as we work with your team in Market Development Overseas.

Before entering your new market you want some answers to questions such as:
  • Does our product appear to have potential in the target market?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for our products
  • Who is supplying a comparable product locally?
  • What is the usual sales channel to introduce this type of product into the Brazilian market?
  • What is the going price for comparable products in this market?
  • Are purchases of such products primarily influenced by price or other competitive factors, such as credit, quality, delivery, service, promotion, brand, origin, etc.?
  • What is the best way to get sales exposure in the market?
  • Are there any significant impediments to selling this type of product in the market? Non-tariffs barriers?
  • Who might be interested and qualified to represent or purchase our company's product in this market?
We assist clients in most of the Best Prospect Sectors of Brazil: Medical Products & Services
Pharmaceuticals Technologies
Safety and Security
Environmental Technologies
Information Technologies
Energy (& Green Energy)
Oil and Gas
Engineering & Construction
  • Support with regulatory needs, products registration with ANVISA;
  • Trade assistance, translations & localization;
  • Minimizing risks and time by having stakeholders in one location (regulators, lawyers, etc);
  • Selecting distributors and agents for your products and services;
  • Promoting your products and services to buyers in trade shows & missions;
  • Assisting with real estate purchasing, leasing, or solving transactions situations;
  • Providing personnel relocation and adaptation to a different culture;
Our office is located in the City of Sao Paulo, the powerhouse of Latin America. The region is responsible for more than 37% of the Brazilian GNP.


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    Technical Translations

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    Why Hiring Consulting?

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    Regulatory Affairs

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    Training & Mentoring

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