Candex is now part of the Chamber of the Americas.

Our services are the simplified 'single-door' operational process, which saves exporters' valuable time and expenses, as we work with your team in Market Development Overseas. We help you to get answers to the following questions:
  • We are seeking a partner in Brazil. Can you select suitable candidates for us?
  • Does your product appear to have potential in the target market?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for our products?
  • Who is supplying a comparable product locally?
  • What is the usual sales channel to introduce this type of product into the Brazilian market?
  • What is the best way to get sales exposure in the Brazilian market?
  • Are there any significant impediments to selling this type of product in the market? Non-tariffs barriers?
  • Who might be interested and qualified to represent or purchase our company's product in this market?
We assist clients in most of the Best Prospect Sectors of Brazil: Medical Products & Services
Pharmaceuticals Technologies
Safety and Security
Environmental Technologies
Information Technologies
Energy (& Green Energy)
Oil and Gas
Engineering & Construction
  • Support with regulatory needs, products registration with ANVISA;
  • Trade assistance, translations & localization;
  • Minimizing risks and time by having stakeholders in one location (regulators, lawyers, etc);
  • Selecting distributors and agents for your products and services;
  • Promoting your products and services to buyers in trade shows & missions;
  • Assisting with real estate purchasing, leasing, or solving transactions situations;
  • Providing personnel relocation and adaptation to a different culture;
Our office is located in the City of Sao Paulo, the powerhouse of Latin America. The region is responsible for more than 37% of the Brazilian GNP.


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    Technical Translations

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    Why Hiring Consulting?

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    Regulatory Affairs

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    Training & Mentoring

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