Mr. Clovis Lemes invited by the U.S. Air Reasearch
Lab to Speak on Biofuels Development

The U.S. Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio is an excellence institution conducting advanced studies in biofuels in the USA. The Wright-Patterson Base, through their own lab, and in partnership with the University of Dayton Research Institute conduct studies in ethanol, biodiesel, and biogas, among others.

We were invited and gave an overview in both locations of the status of this sector in Brazil. Read this interview

Brazil began in 1975 to install the first truly national energy program throughout the whole country, a first in the world, demonstrating the feasibility and advanteges of the alternative substitution of a fossil fuel for a renewable and ecological fuel source.

Brazil-Japan Deal
Petrobras started shipping on March 3, 2009 Brazilian alcohol mixed to gasoline for the Japanese market. The mixture has 3% etanol and 87% gasoline. In Brazil, gasoline has 25% alcohol misture, and 27% of the Brazilian cars are equipped with "flex" engines (capable of using both alcohol and gasoline in any ratio, or even solo - gasoline only or alcohol only). Currently, the manufacturers are talking about "tri-fuel", that mixes alcohol, gasoline and natural gas.

The United States
In the U.S., ethanol primary purpose is to serve as an octane extender for gasoline, a clean air additive in the form of an oxygenate, and as an aid in the reduction of America?s dependence on imported oil, thereby reducing our balance of trade. In order to accomplish these tasks in the face of resistance from the oil industry, Congress established an incentive in the form of a tax credit during the mid-1970s designed to encourage the oil industry to blend ethanol. The tax incentive continues today, and was recently extended to 2010.

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Clean Energy for the World

Brazil is the leading nation in biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel), and offers other important clean sources of energy. This attracted attention of governments agencies, like the Wright-Patterson Air Base (Ohio), where we gave a recent briefing... More...

AKDN Project

African Ethanol Projects
The world is asking for Brazilian technology in biofuels. We are successfully pursuing projects around the world in this sector. More...

Texas/Brazil Partnership

Candex Signs Agreement with San Antonio Free Trade Alliance - The collaboration between the Alliance and Candex will benefit both organizations and their respective clients and business community in Texas and in Brazil. More...

Professional Speaker & Trainer

Mr. Lemes has been speaking for the last 30 years to high qualified business audiences across the USA & South America on a wide variety of topics, such as: The Health Regulatory Sector in Brazil Biofuels Technology Doing Business in Brazil Efficiency Ethics & Integrity Effective Learning Executive & Management Skills Personnel Public Relations & Marketing The Problems of Work...More...