Government Relations in South America

Once you leave your country, you are in unfamiliar waters...But we can help!

Given the many years of commercial and diplomatic services to foreign and Brazilian governments, our key executives can pave the way for your company to avoid hurdles of government relations in South America.

Government relations at its best in Brazil. Government has multiple identities, and in Latin America good relations with goverment is key to certain "regulated" business projects.

Government alone acts as both player and referee to arbitrate and define the "public interest". Sometimes impartial and fair, it can also be narrowly self-interested. Despite adherence to a command and control governance model, it is neither coherent nor cohesive. On any given day, government pulls in all directions at once (as mentioned in the American League of Lobbyists). We understand this and cultivate excelent relations with several levels of governments in Brazil, and can solve many difficulties to our clients´ advantage.

Your meeting with key officials to discuss projects and possibilities is just a phone call away for us. We can:

  • Get one-on-one meetings with select officials and government entities
  • Present your case to the right authorities on your behalf
  • Get help with customs and key regulatory officials
  • Provide government relations and procurement consulting strategy and tactical for much needed projects of your company

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