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Interested in Finding New Buyers for your Products in South America?
Candex assists clients design and implement valuable export strategies, staying ahead of the competition, expanding clients' export sales, and being prepared to respond to international sales enquiries. Choose the personalized services you need from us.
M&A - Joint Ventures.
Pre-acquisition due diligence: potencial buyers or joint venture interested parties need to be well informed of labor, fiscal and similar risks before jumping into a negotiation. That can affect the prices and guaranties of your business. We will assist you with all that, before any commitment on your part.
Pre-sale due diligence: are you willing to sell your company? Or seeking a joint venture partner? The pre-sale due diligence that we can perform can similarly mitigate the financial risks (taxations), which you may encounter.
Business model structuring: Our consultants will structure your business model in a way that is advantageous for both buyer and seller (and also on the parties in a joint venture). This lower the risks associated with all the possibilities mentioned above. And yes, we will advise you on the best location in the country for your business, if you so desire.
Have your products registered with ANVISA - Brazilian Health Vigilance Agency.
Tired of looking for the right experts in Regulatory Affairs? We assisted Brazil in its program to set up its regulatory agency. We understand this business perfectly. Talk to us.
Market research
We provide quality research, mainly in the medical/pharmaceutical, and all health related areas, food and chemicals.
Our office is located in the City of Sao Paulo, the powerhouse of Latin America. The region is responsible for more than 37% of the Brazilian GNP.


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    Technical Translations

    Understanding foreign cultures is the first step to selling overseas...Image
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    Why Hiring Consulting?

    The main reason is because you need somone to solve your problem...Image
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    Regulatory Affairs

    Tired of looking for the right experts in Regulatory Affairs (ANVISA)? We understand this business perfectly. Talk to us...Image
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    Training & Mentoring

    We mentor and train for success, for development of new products targeted to a special niche...Image