Candex in Texas with Global Marketeer Group

What is it?
It is a support structure of our company in partnership with the Global Marketeer Group, led by the expert consultant Margie Moore, for the small and medium Brazilian exporter which want to enter the American market.

What is the objective?
To create a common environment to exporters, providing them with the facilities, security, credibility and profit generating conditions.
The exporter will have ITS OWN company in the USA, with address, phone, using the facilities offered by our company, such as installations, bi-lingual personnel trained in foreign trade, and a show-room to display their catalogs and products.

Immediate Advantages
This generates immediate business security, mainly for the importer, exporter, investor who knows where they can contact the company closer to home, and to get better information on its products, in person or by phone. We arrange Custom agents with little bureaucracy, brokers, cargo agents, banks in the same place, facilitating substantially your logistics operations in the USA.

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