Winning in International Markets

Your company has spent time and money in perfecting a product you are sure will sell handsomely in South America. Will it?

Export success depends on many factors and demands a sound strategic performance plan. Options available to getting your goods into and distributed in the export market include doing it yourself (direct exporting), using third-party intermediaries, and/or partnering with other firms already in the market. New exporters usually consider doing it themselves or use agents and/or distributors. In most cases the underlying decision is to save money or avoid sharing any profits. Firms contemplating exporting should know that, to be successful, they will need to devote the necessary resources to answer some important questions, including:

  • Does the company's products or services appear to have potential in the Brazilian market?
  • Who is supplying a comparable product or service locally?
  • What is the usual sales channel for getting this type of product or service into the market?
  • What is the best way of getting sales exposure in the market?
  • Are there any significant impediments to selling this type of product in the market, such as quotas, duties, or local regulations?
  • Who might be interested and qualified to represent or purchase this company's products in the market?
  • If a joint venture strategy seems desirable for this market, who might be an interested and qualified partner for your company?
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Utilizing proven experience in international trade, Candex Consultants assess your company’s products potential, and assist in bringing opportunities to fruition, thus significantly reducing risk and improving business performance. We help you to answer the above questions before you decide to enter the South American markets.

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