Candex Founder
Founded in Canada in 1987 and now located in Brazil, Candex is formed by a team of consultants with proven experience in international business, finance and diplomacy.

The founder, J. Clovis Lemes is a former U.S. Department of Commerce Business Development Specialist, who received four Honor Awards for Innovation and Business Excellence, and served as a Commercial Officer of the Canadian Trade Commission in Brazil, with wide experience in business in North and South America, focused in high technologies.

Candex, from its beginnings developed sound support services for exporters in trade missions, setting up overseas offices, regulatory affairs (ANVISA, FDA & CE Mark), and litigation activities, mergers and acquisitions. We offer long-term, comprehensive, customized support to achieve your business goals in South America, including:

International Project Finance
Our securities-backed debt financings are high-LTV (as low as 50% and as high as 100%, depending on stock and company), low-coupon, non-recourse debt instruments that are collateralized only by freely-trading marketable securities, which can be the securities of your operating company or those from any existing investment portfolio.

M & A
Merger and acquisition services to middle market business owners in a variety of industries.

Opportunities in Biofuels
Through our Brazilian partners in the equipment industry, we supply complete turn-key projects in the sugar, alcohol, fertilizer, and biogas industry.

Professional Speaker & Trainer

Training for International Trade
For the last 30 years Mr. Lemes has been a speaker to high qualified business audiences across the USA & South America on a wide variety of topics, such as: The Health Regulatory Sector in Brazil Biofuels Technology Doing Business in Brazil Efficiency Ethics & Integrity Effective Learning Executive & Management Skills Personnel Public Relations & Marketing The Problems of Work...MoreMore...

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Clean Energy for the World

Wright-Patterson Airforce Base
Brazil is the leading nation in biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel), and offers other important clean sources of energy. This attracted attention of governments agencies, like the Wright-Patterson Air Base (Ohio), where we gave a recent briefing... More More...

AKDN Project

African Ethanol Projects
The world is asking for Brazilian technology in biofuels. We are successfully pursuing projects around the world in this sector. More More...

Texas/Brazil Partnership

Candex Signs Agreement with San Antonio Free Trade Alliance - The collaboration between the Alliance and Candex will benefit both organizations and their respective clients and business community in Texas and in Brazil. MoreMore...