Professional Speaker
Professional Speaker

"Very interesting presentation. The scientists and technicians at the our labs and the University now understand better the Brazilian success in this biofuels area. You are invited again to the next conference in Feb. 2010".
Dr. Omar Mendoza, Program Manager, Energy & Environmental Quality, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

"Thank you very much for your presentation. The members of the Utah/Brazil Chamber and the members of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce now have the right regulatory information to sell medical, food, farmaceutical and cosmetics products in Brazil".
Mr. Gary Neeleman, President & Founder, Brazil/Utah Chamber of Commerce

"I never thought these psychossomatic factors had so much importance in the production floor. I was impressed with the solutions to 'The Problems of Work' you presented, and with the resulting amazing workers' productivity."
Mr. Gilson Rodrigues, President, TKS Equipamentos (Brazil)



Brazil: Clean Energy for the Future

The world is asking for Brazilian technology in biofuels. We are successfully pursuing projects around the world in this sector. Let me tell you about the secrets of the Brazilian success in this area, and the hidden opportunities for the right entrepreneurs.

How to Avoid Losing Money with Regulatory Issues in South America

Ever wondered how the health regulatory sector operates in countries like Brazil? What are the pitfals to registering products in Brazil? Learn from a former U.S. Dept. of Commerce Specialist who spent 3 years, assisting both Brazil and the FDA, during the formation of ANVISA.

What is the Business Culture Like in Brazil

Brazil is one of the first countries in world to get out of the international crisis. Opportunities for business are everywhere. There is a tremendous motivation in the air, due to the country's being chosen for the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Billions of Dollars is being invested in infrastructure all over the country. But you need to know "The Brazilian Way of Doing Business", before jumping in!

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