Profit with a Strategic Alliance!

An international strategic alliance could provide unexpected opportunities for growth and revenue. The strategic alliance could be the low cost vehicle for introducing your product, technology, intellectual property or service internationally. It could be the effective long-term marketing solution too. And it could also be the way out of an existing nightmare. No company is too big or too small not to consider a strategic alliance.

Candex defines basic alliance models as:

Candex (USA & Brazil), through the Strategic Alliance Program will:

How the Program Works

In this Program, Brazilian and North American companies interested in contacting potential partners for Strategic Alliances, should be prepared to supply us with the following basic information:

  1. Specific objectives, such as to develop high technology products or to enter into an international marketing agreement; and
  2. Specific relationship sought, such as licensing of or shares investment.

When receiving the information, we check the proposal and clarify any related questions provided by your company. Once we confirm the feasibility of the request, we contact those potential partners listed in our extensive database, respecting the confidentiality of your firm, and we will not disclose its name without prior authorization. After receiving your comments on the information we sent you, we will continue doing the follow up with probable candidates identified on behalf of your company.

Candex has the professionals capable to render complete services (legal, financial and regulatory) to Brazilian and North American executives in the any negotiations from the beginning.

How to Participate

  1. Contact us through this form.
  2. Your company will be notified of the search result in approximately six weeks from the date of our receipt of your project's information.


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