Regulatory Services

Regulatory Affairs Product Registration: FDA/ANVISA

In these more than 30 years we have been working with ANVISA and FDA, assisting our clients. We solve difficult regulatory cases in the regulatory area in Brazil and the USA. The registration and listing of products with Anvisa are regulated by specific resolutions in accordance with the nature of each one. The registration or listing must be done through an electronic petition to Anvisa, comprised of documents and information indicated in the Anvisa's RDC No 185/01 and other relevant laws, and is thus a "documentary process". Send Us A Message

Families and Education

Government Relations

Ever heard that "Once you leave your country, you are in unfamiliar waters?" Given the many years of commercial and diplomatic services to foreign and Brazilian governments, our executives can pave the way for your company to avoid hurdles related to government relations in South America. Your meetings with key officials to discuss projects and possibilities is just a phone call away for us. We can:
  • Get one-on-one meetings with select officials and government entities;
  • Present your case to the right authorities on your behalf;
  • Get help with customs and key regulatory officials;
  • Provide government relations and procurement consulting strategy and tactical for much needed projects of your company
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Trade Shows

Best Trade Shows for World Exporters

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, you will find hundreds of top-notch trade shows in the most diverse areas, attracting delegations from all around the world. Some of these events are Certified by the U.S Department of Commerce. We can assist you, offering: (1) Assistance with travel arrangements; (2) setting up one-on-one business meetings at your booth, or at select contacts' booths, whether you are exhibiting or just visiting the show; (3) helping with tariff studies, contracting, financing and other support services from our associates in country. Send Us A Message

Merger and Acquisition


Interested in Brazil? Remember that any merger, acquisition, joint venture, or capital investment operation involves complex matters, requiring dedication of experienced professionals. This is particularly relevant when such negotiations involve companies with global operations. When selling alone is the best solution, most entrepreneurs might find a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) to be the perfect solution. We assist international companies with post-transaction services; company restructuring and liquidation. Trust this to us! Send Us A Message


Strategic Alliance Program

Strategic Alliances (Equity Strategic Alliance, and Non-equity Strategic Alliance) allow the combination of companies' respective resources, capabilities, and core competencies to design, manufacture or distribute certain goods or services. Why to establish a strategic alliance and not a joint venture? Strategic Alliance is less involved and less binding than a joint venture, since the two companies pool resources to create a separate business entity. Thus, each company maintains its autonomy while gaining a new opportunity. Candex defines basic alliance models as: (1) Cross-marketing agreements; (2) Technology transfer; (3) Licensing of intellectual property; (4) Joint R&D projects; (5) Consortium, among others. Send Us A Message

Internationational Sales

Product Introduction Services

In establishing marketing strategies, we focus on four P's: promotional strategies, pricing strategies, product strategies, and placement (or distribution) strategies. You have to work with your clients to learn their needs and what the competitors are offering. Not understanding this may cost you market loss. We work with you in your target market to properly position your product/service (market acceptance factors). We introduce your products and/or technologies to the right buyers, in Brazil and other countries in South America. What is good for you if you have the best products, but no good leads to sell to? We are here to assist you! Send Us A Message

Don't Miss Out on Sales in Outstanding Trade Shows in Brazil!

São Paulo, Brazil, is a major center for the best and most lucrative trade shows in South America (Medical Devices, Auto Industry, Machinery, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Franchising, and many other sectors). Take advantage of our services to register your products with the local authorities and represent you in trade shows and missions in this renewed economy!

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